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What is the scope after doing B.Ed (2 yrs) in India?

In the recent era of science and technology where modernization is enhancing in great pace need of skilled and trained teachers has come as a major obstacle beside government. Bachelor of Education B.Ed has emerged as a solution to this problem. But being teacher is not so easy before opting this profession as your carrier you need to ask few questions from yourself. Do you want to become a teacher? Is teaching your profession? Do you want to bring a change in present society?
If your answer is yes then B.Ed is most appropriate undergraduate course to make you eligible for pursuing most prestigious job of society in all sakes whether it be salary, future scope or reputation in society. But still Youngsters have various questions like what is future job opportunities post completion of course? What are further courses after B.ed course?  We, Sky Education Group have put in-depth analysis of scope after doing B.Ed. (2yrs) in India. Let’s commence with the basics of course details.
Details of B.Ed course
B. Ed also known as Bachelor of Education is a 2-year course in which various teaching methods are taught. This course makes a candidate able to apply for Government as well private teaching job. During this course, the candidate gets in-depth knowledge of educational psychology, holistic education, educational evaluation and assessment, Human values and philosophy of education. 
Duration of course – 2 Years
Eligibility criteria – Graduation from a recognized university or college approved from N.C.T.E.
Fees – Fees of B.Ed course varies college to college and lies in the range of Rs 50,000/-  to 1,50,000/-  per year.
Skills taught during B.Ed course
A professional teacher should have some innovative set of skills and traits. B. Ed course does a good job at instilling these skills within the candidate. Some of the skills taught during course are:-
1. Leadership
2. Subject-specific skills and knowledge
3. Student Psychology
4. Educational Technology
5. Communication skills
Career opportunities in Government sector
1. Teacher in government schools
2. Lecturer in colleges and universities
3. Education counselor in rural and urban education centers
4. Syllabus framer in various government organizations
5. Education Researcher
Career opportunities in the Private sector
1. A teacher at private schools
2. Teach at private tuition centers
3. Education consultants
4. Vice Principal
5. Principal
6. Content writer
Entrepreneur opportunities post completion of B.Ed
1. You can open a private coaching center.
2. Can open your online tuition channel.
3. You can be an education counselor
Salary paid to B.Ed graduate professionals
Salary varies from institution to institution along with the depth of knowledge a candidate has. Basically, salary lies in the range of 1.5 Lakh to 4.5 Lakh per Annum.
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Re: What is the scope after doing B.Ed (2 yrs) in India?

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