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URUMQI Giovani Lo Celso Camiseta , Dec. 28 (Xinhua) -- After Bada, 51, watched the animated TV series "Young Hero of Jangar", he reached the conclusion that the Mongolian people's "Homer" could be revitalized in his remaining years. The Epic of Jangar, the life of the eponymous Jangar, is a tale of the defeat of evil and establishment of a utopia without war, hunger or cold. "I see hope now of new life for the epic and the Mongolian culture it embodies Ever Banega Camiseta , and for passing them on to the next generation," said Bada. A traditional singer of Jangar since he was 17, Bada used to worry about the future of "outdated songs". He used to teach the epic at the Mongolian Middle School in the Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture of Bortala in farwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, for only 50 yuan (8.24 U.S. dollars) per class. "The teaching was not effective. Few students were interested in learning 'old people's stuff'," said Bada, quoting his students' words. He was even more worried when he discovered that his daughter, third grader in junior high Eduardo Salvio Camiseta , prefered surfing the internet to learning Jangar from him. "Who will sing Jangar after me?" Bada would ask himself as he searched for an apprentice both talented enough to be able to recite a work of over 150,000 lines and enthusiastic enough to consider singing and teaching the epic as a lifelong career. "It was so hard to find such an apprentice," sighed Bada. It is not just the younger generation, but older people do not seem interested in Jangar anymore either. At important occasions such as weddings, Mongolian people used to always invite a Jangar singer, but many now prefer western style wedding gowns and pop music. In more traditional families, they only play recordings of Jangar. "Fewer families invite me to sing on big occasions now and they offer less money Nicolas Otamendi Camiseta ," said Bada. Sometimes, all he gets is a meal. At other times, he may be lucky and earn 300 yuan. In 2006, Jangar was listed as intangible culture heritage and the local government made more effort to revitalize the epic. Bortala now has four Jangar singers including Bada. They each receive a monthly stipend of 1,000 yuan from Bole city government and a yearly subsidy of 300 yuan from the regional government. Bortala promotes Jangar in primary and secondary schools to cultivate "little singers of Jangar." The prefecture also holds Jangar singing contest each year. "My student Dilika from the Mongolian Middle School won first prize in a teenagers' Jangar contest this year and the school has promised me a classroom of my own," said Bada happily. Wuyunhua, another of Bada's students Diego Perotti Camiseta , loves popular songs, but appreciates Jangar's narrative style as well. "My writing skills improved after I learned Jangar," she said. Bada feels his hard work has finally paid off, but he still has concerns for Jangar's future. "I hope that after watching the cartoon, people won't have the imprssion that the epic of Jangar is only for kids," said Bada, emphasizing that the epic is a serious art work and the epitome of the culture and history of the Mongolian people. BUENOS AIRES Javier Mascherano Camiseta , Sept. 8 (Xinhua) -- Wrestling has been included in the 2020 and 2024 Olympic Games in a secret ballot by the International Olympic Committee on Sunday. Wrestling won back its spot in the Olympic program after beating bids from squash and baseballsoftball, garnering 49 votes out of 95. Wrestling, which featured in the ancient Olympics and in every modern Games apart from 1900, had been surprisingly taken off the Games in February. Baseballsoftball, not on the program since 2008, got 24 votes, while squash Matias Kranevitter Camiseta , which has never featured in the Olympics, had 22. Earlier in the day, the IOC approved the 25 core sports at Summer Games with a 77-16 majority. "Thank you for this opportunity of saving our sport," wrestling federation FILA president Nenad Lalovic told the IOC. "This is the most important day in our 3,000-year history. Remaining in the Olympics is crucial for wrestling's survival." FILA has made extraordinary progress since being provisionally dropped by the IOC, changing its leadership, making the management more democratic and transparent and revising competition rules. "We made mistakes and admitted to them Nahuel Guzman Camiseta ," Lalovic said while answering the questions from IOC members after the 20-minute presentation. SHENYANG, May 8 (Xinhua) -- Two men have been arrested after allegedly stealing 4.2 kilograms of gold jewelry worth about 1.4 million yuan (200,000 U.S. dollars), according to an announcement by police in northeast China's Liaoning Province Monday. On Friday, the two suspects entered a jewelry store in Faku County, threatened five employees at gunpoint, smashed display cabinets Angel Di Maria Camiseta , and made off with their haul on a red motorcycle. "The whole robbery lasted less than two minutes," said Deng Wanhong, police deputy director in the provincial capital Shenyang. Police arrested the two men on Sunday and Monday, and confiscated a gun, 34 bullets and all the stolen jewelry. The two men confessed, and informed the police that they had met and bought the gun online. The investigation continues. The two detainees both face being charged with armed robbery. Feature: COSCO SHIPPING -- A name card of China in Greece on Maritime Silk Road Projections show Macron elected French president Yiwu's total import and export value up in Q1 Lives in Balizhuang Village of Zaoqiang County, north China Chinese submersible explores turbidity current in South China Sea Straw art gala held in E China's Shandong Xinjiang Int'l Grand Bazaar held in Urumqi Diego Maradona Camiseta , NW China 8th China Peking Opera art festival to be held in Nanjing MOGADISHU, May 19 (Xinhua) -- Some 30,600 Somalis have reportedly returned to Somalia from Yemen since. Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Wholesale NBA Jerseys China Wholesale College Football Jerseys Cheap NBA Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Jerseys China Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys  

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This is the most important day in our 3,000-year history. Remaining in the Olympics is crucial for wrestling's survival.

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