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6/04/2018 6:07 am  #1

How to Bring an Offline HP Printer to Online on Windows PC?

HP Printer can go offline because of various reasons including lose connection, incorrect printer setting or wrong printer driver etc. You can contact printer technicians on HP Printer helpline Number UK to identify the exact cause. You can correct this issue you can follow the given methods:
Method 1: Use HP Print and scan doctor
• Download and run HP Print and Scan Doctor. (This tool scans for all sorts of issue and then rectify them automatically)
• Launch the tool and click the start button.
• Then select your printer and click Fix Printing.
Method 2: Try Resetting the Print Environment
• Turn off your printer and wait for 10 seconds, then disconnect the power cord from the printer.
• Turn off your computer
• Then connect the power cord of your printer and allow it to get started.
• For wireless printer, please restart your router.
• Then turn on your printer to start printing.
If in case, you are still getting “Offline” issue, then only way that you can fix this issue is through professionals of HP PrinterToll FreeNumber UK. Experts can guide you the correct way.

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