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Last weekend’s Heineken Cup delivered exciting rugby in abundance with a battering for Edinburgh at home by Saracens and an unexpected win for Racing Metro against Munster. With each pool flooded with hot competition <"http:www.ensltdsports-pr-company-London">London Sports Agency ENS spoke to its Rugby pro client Authentic Koke Jersey , Rob Henderson, for his predictions on this year’s tournament. Read on further to find out Henderson's take on the field this year.
Rob has enjoyed an impressive career; he racked up 32 caps for Ireland, toured with the British and Irish Lions in 2001 and played for some of the best Premiership teams across England and Ireland, including London Irish, Wasps, Leinster and Munster. With his experience of the game and the players in the H Cup here’s what he had to say:
‘After round one of this season’s competition Alessio Cerci Jersey , there were tries and tackles aplenty with the odd upset thrown in to boot! If I were to pick my semi finalists on current form, I believe we would see Saracens, Toulouse, Leinster and Toulon fighting it out for a place in the Final. Saracens destroyed Edinburgh in their own backyard at the weekend and I can see them progressing from their pool. Pool two is an unbelievably tough group where Toulouse showed their patient side in dealing with Leicester. Fingers have been pointed at Ben Youngs for his quick tap and go when only five points down but I applaud his endeavour. That being said, leaving Toulouse with nothing could prove costly and I only see Toulouse advancing.

Pool three seems to be a straight shootout between Harlequins and Biarritz to me. I believe both of these teams will progress to the knockout stages. As for Leinster - going for an unprecedented hat-trick? Of course they can! Having being given a real fright by Exeter, who were excellent in defeat Fernando Torres Jersey , I believe that Leinster will step up their efforts in a group that includes old adversaries, Clermont. They will have enough to go through and I believe at the expense of the French side who must wait for another year for their title tilt.

Those teams are the ones my money is on, then again, if you followed my tips in the Grand National you would be empty handed! Roll on round two.’

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