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5/25/2017 6:13 am  #1

Freedom of speech

There is the "right" to freedom of speech, and there is the concept of freedom of speech. The right specifically addresses the governments hand. The concept is more universal. Also remember those words you use to justify your silencing of others, come the day that you yourself are silenced using the very precedent you set. I am excited to do my essay today on the freedom of speech as one of the groundbreaking basis of human rights.

3/05/2018 8:07 am  #2

3/09/2018 1:04 am  #3

Re: Freedom of speech

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3/14/2018 6:26 am  #4

Re: Freedom of speech

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3/19/2018 12:36 am  #5

Re: Freedom of speech

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Today 5:21 am  #6

Re: Freedom of speech

=10.6667pxEveryone has the right to freedom of speech. Here i have seen the various commentators who have described on this topic called freedom of speech.But with these comments only we can’t clarify the topic. Please share more details regarding this. helpful resources

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