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7/31/2017 12:54 am  #1

6 Proven Ways to Combat with Exams Anxiety at College

While having college exams, it’s absolutely normal to feel stress. This is because a great proportion of students are not mentally prepared to sit in exams due to lack of preparation. Whether it’s a midterm or final exams, class competition, lack of concentration and time management raise the symptoms of a fast heartbeat, headache, and unwanted anxiety. We all know that exams play a crucial role in the academic world and anxiety has the power to affect the performance of student. But here are proven ways to cope with exams anxiety speedily at college.

1.Be Prepared
This is the most powerful way to combat with exam anxiety while studying in a college. This will enhance your knowledge and reduce your chances of failure. When you feel confident that you’ve well prepared for exams then you’ll automatically feel more confident. For this you will need to consume sufficient amount of time in class preparation. The more time you will consume in class preparation the extra boost you can to your academic performance.
2.Get a Good Night’s Sleep
No doubt pulling an all-nighter is not an effective solution to get fully prepared for exams and to cope with exam stress. Instead it can exacerbate your nerves and can provide you tough time. Therefore, it is must for students to have adequate rest for eight hours per night to understand complex things easy with a fresh mind frame.

When you will take good night sleep you can concentrate on class notes more appropriately and learn them easily. And if you sleep late in night, then you will remain in a confuse mind state even in the morning time.

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3.Fuel up
It is crucial to eat a healthy breakfast throughout the exams session to maintain the energy level. Do not consume canteen items like fast food and smart snacks because it will slow down your energy level. Instead eat calcium and protein rich food with juices to boost your energy level to a maximum level. In addition try to eat foods that will provide you instant energy, rather than a high sugar level.

4.Start Early
The blank mind frame can maximize your anxiety. Just after you receive your exams date sheet starts the perpetration of your exams. Gather your notes and other study resources at one place to kick off the college exam preparation. This way you will easily enhance your confidence level as well as manage sufficient time for exams preparation. Thus, it’s better to start early then to feel ample amount of stress in the last minute.

5.Watch Your Timetable
It is extremely important for students to realize the value of time while studying in a college. This is because usually students feel stress due to lack of time management that makes it hard for them to concentrate on studies in the final minutes. Try to figure out how much time you’ll need to spend on each section to strengthen your knowledge.

6.Focus On Positive
Positive thinking can slow down your heart beat and effectively combat with unwanted stress at college. Concentrating on negative elements can enhance your anxious feeling. At the time of exams positive thinking works like a mantra that makes it easier to handle exam stress. If you really want to boost your confidence level as well as combat with unwanted exam stress then you simply believe in positivity. According to research people with positive attitude know how to keep anxiety at bay.


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Re: 6 Proven Ways to Combat with Exams Anxiety at College

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Re: 6 Proven Ways to Combat with Exams Anxiety at College

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Re: 6 Proven Ways to Combat with Exams Anxiety at College


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