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10/14/2017 5:14 am  #1

Dissertation Writing: A Checklist Of Things You Should Be Wary Of!

Writing a dissertation is not just a piece of cake and that is why lots of students encounter many problems during writing a dissertation. Here are some of the tips students can follow
1.    Perfectionism is the worst enemy when writing a dissertation. So, keep in mind when you are writing, just write and write. Keep move forward and revise later.
2.    Include the main ideas first after that fills the gaps and in the do the citations.
3.    When writing, imagine that you are telling a story to someone then start writing the things.
5.    One page per day of your dissertation is a good way to complete it in time.
6.    Try to construct a mind map like a “tree” of thoughts with the central idea in the middle and division ideas around the root, and so on.
7.    By turning your idea into PowerPoint slides is a good idea and the turn it into a form of prose
8.    Ask for feedback on regular basis because it helps in turning reviews around quickly.
9.    Write what you think about the things relevant to dissertation then, once you written a fair amount after that consider your audience, and do revision.
10.    Try to write middle section first because research is always unpredictable and it can change your introduction and conclusion according to the middle section and it will take more time to change the things you have already done.
11.    Rely heavily on source material, with little or no attempt to apply this to the student’s aims and if you can’t do your dissertation you can pay someone to do dissertation.
12.    Break your work in to small tasks. Writing tasks into small sections makes the work easier and less tiring.
13.    Try to Think in terms of pages per chapter or pages per section.
14.    Planning of the progress is very much vital in dissertation writing. Keep track with a calendar.
15.    Time yourself like start dissertation at 8:53 pm and end it at 9:39 pm
16.    To write good dissertations try to observe more about topic and then write about it
17.    Write as early in the day as possible. That is when you are freshest.
18.    Try to change physical environments because physical environments effects writing skills the most, you can choose library or the cafe. Classical or soft instrumental music while writing is fine but some music’s distract from writing.
19.    Being around others combined in the same overall goal is stimulating. That type of work ethic becomes contagious.
20.    Focus on yourself but do not compare others.
21.    Write some lines daily.
22.    A loaded mind is an infertile mind. Negative thoughts are obstructive. Get everything else in your life in order to the greatest amount possible. Think positive then write.
23.    Reward positive behaviour. Reward your writing, but only when you actually reach a milestone. Otherwise, don’t.
24.    Activity is not certainly productivity. Output is what counts the most.
25.    Avoid using “he/she”, “her/his” etc. The best way to avoid this and still be non-sexist is to make the topic plural whenever likely.
26.    Don’t start discouragement your work by make an apology for poor results or complaining about lack of time.
27.    Sentences should be well-punctuated, whole but not over-long.
28.    Heading of your foundations is a energetic and essential part of the academic process. If you do not do this, mainly at dissertation/postgraduate level, you could be suspect of plagiarism.
29.    Little or no referencing and a short list indicate that the carried out is little.
30.    You must check with your supervisor and with course works what the required construction is, as there are many differences
31.    In discussion with your supervisor, draw up an initial reading list, making sure that this is wide-ranging, related and as up-to-date as possible.
32.    Work out a timetable and stick to it. You really have no excuse to leave things to the last minute
33.    Have a strong objective, based on a well worked out theory or main question.
34.    Include analysis, critical evaluation and discussion, rather than simple description
35.    Contain little or no referencing, perhaps in an incorrect format

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