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Brian Dawkins Jersey

Astros Play Reliever Sipp In Outfield Again - RealGM WiretapFor the second time in a week Deion Sanders Jersey , the Houston Astros briefly moved reliever Tony Sipp to the outfield during a game. Bo Porter first moved Sipp to the outfield and brought him back to the mound after one batter last week in Arizona. When he made the move again Sunday, there was some confusion as to whether Houston would be able to keep their designated hitter in the lineup. Sipp relieved Jerome Williams with one out in the eighth inning and got Kevin Kiermaier to hit into a fielder's choice to cut down a run at the plate. Sipp then moved to left field and watched Josh Zeid strike out Evan Longoria. Sipp came to the mound to start the ninth and recorded two outs around a single. "I was up for whatever," Sipp said. "I'm just glad it worked out. If [Longoria] had put it in play, we have yet to see that happens in that situation. I'm pretty sure I can go out there and field the routine ones, and anything after that just go out there and pray for the best." The rules state "once the game pitcher is switched from the mound to a defensive position this move shall terminate the DH role for the remainder of the game." That put Sipp in the No. 5 spot in the order in place of DH Chris Carter.Royals Set New Single Season Attendance Mark - RealGM WiretapThe Kansas City Royals broke the franchise attendance record of 2,477,700 (1989) Colin Kaepernick 49ers Jersey , when fan No. 2,477,701 entered Kauffman Stadium for Wednesday night's game against the Minnesota Twins. Wednesday's announced crowd of 32,286 pushed the season total to 2,506,913. "It's a special accomplishment for our fans, our community Carlos Hyde 49ers Jersey , the players and the entire organization," Dayton Moore said. "We thought this was something important from Day One to get some energy from our fanbase, which has always been very supportive and passionate. To be able to put a product on the field that they endorse is a special feeling. "It's something we can all cherish and celebrate together."Ventura Clarifies Comments Intends To Stay - RealGM WiretapRobin Ventura made it clear on Sunday that he has no plans to leave the White Sox. Chicago signed the first-year manager to a three-year contract prior to the 2012 season. Ventura tried to be funny on Saturday when he said he was just trying to make it through the end of the season in response to a question about his long-term future as a manager. "I plan on being here for two more years, yes," Ventura said. "Unless they don't want me to be here."锘? Time was that you had to visit a record store to get the music you wanted. Later, a membership to Columbia House meant you could easily order music from the comfort of your own home, but you had to wait. Technology advanced and media got smaller NaVorro Bowman 49ers Jersey , delivery faster. Vinyl records were replaced with magnetic tape, cassettes and 8-tracks, then compact discs and even smaller compact discs. Silly me, I thought other than making the disc smaller what could possibly replace CD's? Well, as usual, technology has kept the pace and left me flailing in it's dusty wake. Digital music has revolutionized the way we acquire and listen to music. Now when you want an album or even a single song, it's as easy as pointing and clicking Colin Kaepernick Authentic Jersey , waiting a few seconds for the download and you're rockin' and rollin'. Or groovin' to the tunes. Or gettin' down with the beat, etc., etc.

Oh, and check your downtown area for a local music store. You're more likely to see a Starbucks or 7-Eleven.

Roots In The Fatherland

MP3, or MPEG Audio Layer III, got its start in Germany in 1987 when the Fraunhofer Institut began doing research on the subject and started the EUREKA project EU147. Karlheinz Brandenburg, sometimes called The Father of MP3 Carlos Hyde Authentic Jersey , explains how MP3 almost never got off the ground. The code, for some reason just would not work. Luckily, just before they were to submit the project to the Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) subcommittee, the group that oversees standards for the industry, they found the compilation error that was causing the problems.

A company called Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft now owns the patents and licenses the rights to its use.

The Technology - In Simple Terms

The amount of data or information in just one second of CD quality music is about 1.4 megabits or almost 1 and a half million pieces of information per second. MP3 technology compresses the file, shrinking its size to a more manageable 112 the original with almost no information loss. This means more information delivered more quickly to your MP3 player for better sound quality. So it's not a matter of storage but a matter of transferring so much data in so little time. MP3 technology squishes that data so more of it fits into a smaller space, namely the pipeline from your player through the wire connecting to your ear piece.

MP3 Players

The first successful MP3 player was developed by Tomislav Uzelac in 1997. and was called AMP MP3 Playback Engine. A year later NaVorro Bowman Authentic Jersey , two university students, Justin Frankel and Dmitry Boldyrev ported it to the Windows platform to create WinAmp. Frauenhofer was actually first to create the player but the software was unsuccessful.

Now we have all manner of choices for our listening enjoyment. With offerings from Sony, Apple, Panasonic, Samsung and more, we have an endless array of players, with a multitude of features like phones Womens Colin Kaepernick Jersey , video, internet and others too numerous to mention here.

The Industry

Taking full advantage of this new technology, Napster picked up the MP3 ball and ran with it. I would have been surprised if someone hadn't come up with the idea. The still growing community of Napsterites was able to use MP3 technology to listen to their own music and share it with anybody who had an internet connection. Whi.

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