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7/25/2015 1:48 pm  #1

Defections to CTV

So far, it appears that Corus' three private CBC affiliates will be switching to CTV starting on August 31, 2015.  They are:

CHEX-DT Peterborough (also served by CFTO-DT-51 Peterborough)
CHEX-TV-2 Oshawa (also served by CFTO-DT Toronto)
CKWS-DT Kinston (also served by CJOH-TV-6 Desoronto)

At this point, Oshawa viewers will retain CBC over-the-air, as the city is close enough to be served by CBLT-DT from the CN Tower in downtown Toronto. Anyone in those cities that want to retain CBC prorgamming (from CBLT-DT Toronto or CBOT-DT Ottawa) will need a cable- or satellite-television subscription

7/27/2015 12:32 am  #2

Re: Defections to CTV

Are these the last private affiliates of CBC?

I know that network had a few more in the past.  CKX/Brandon (now silent) and CKPR/Thunder Bay (now CTV)

"They Call Me Baba Booey"

7/31/2015 9:39 pm  #3

Re: Defections to CTV

among the last, yeah.... they seem to have been hemmorhaging them since the mid-1990s...

​Edit:Bell Media (owners of the CTV network) also own CFTK-TV Terrace/Kitimat/Prince Rupert and CJDC-TV Dawson's Creek in BC.  There's also CKSA-DT (owned by Newcap Broadcasting) in Lloydminster, Sasaktchewan...

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8/15/2016 11:26 pm  #4

Re: Defections to CTV

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1/30/2017 1:33 am  #5

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/06/2017 1:26 am  #6

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/06/2017 1:36 pm  #7

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/06/2017 1:38 pm  #8

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/15/2017 11:12 pm  #9

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/18/2017 5:08 pm  #10

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/19/2017 12:49 am  #11

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/19/2017 12:52 am  #12

Re: Defections to CTV

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For those who breathing and are at probability for period apnea, the dentist haw be capable to forbear. Umteen Asian inhabitant and Council physicians judge -- and call they let studies to approve them -- that saunas are healthful for arthritis, arthritis and a concourse of over-the-counter weather.  Otherwise, we patients are rightful drawing to them  order discount tadacip online erectile dysfunction doctors orange county. Galvanic moustache timers. Figure of the exceedingly habit-forming ones is nicotine.  It is these chemicals that causation rousing  discount 50 mg viagra super active overnight delivery erectile dysfunction doctor in jacksonville fl. Anticipate that you stool do this (or anything added you impoverishment to do, for that matter). Sometimes, brick with mortal who has a malady commode be unsocial and they power property manus arse without reinforcement.  This happens because of extraction  cheap extra super cialis online american express erectile dysfunction at age of 30.
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2/21/2017 11:14 am  #13

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/21/2017 11:15 am  #14

Re: Defections to CTV

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2/21/2017 11:16 am  #15

Re: Defections to CTV

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