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4/15/2019 7:46 am  #1

Inkjet maintenance in HP printers | +1-877-992-1160

Open the scanner assembly

  • To begin the process, you will first have to open the scanner assembly in your printer
  • This is where the cartridge is located

The top cover has to be propped open

  • Covering the cartridge is another cover called the top cover that has to be kept open along with the scanner assembly

Take the cartridge out of the printer

  • Carefully remove the cartridge from the printer
  • Make sure you do it slowly or else you may end up causing some damage to the holder clips

Unpack the new cartridge

  • Get rid of the packing materials surrounding your new cartridge
  • Recyclethe packing materials for a greener environment

Remove the Orange clip and the orange tape

  • Before inserting your new cartridge into the printer, make sure you remove the orange clip and the orange tape
  • They are there only to prevent any damage from happening to the cartridge during transit

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4/16/2019 3:12 am  #2

Re: Inkjet maintenance in HP printers | +1-877-992-1160

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