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URUMQI Victor Mete Youth Jersey , China, March 30 (Xinhua) -- Beijing Ducks players rushed into the court after the final whistle. Stephon Marbury cried like a kid.The Beijing Ducks raise the CBA Championship trophy after their victory over the Xinjiang Flying Tigers 98-88 on Sunday in Urumqi. The Ducks won the CBA Finals by 4 games to 2, defending their first-ever title won in 2011-12. [PhotoXinhua] Stephon Marbury and his teammate bump their medals after defeating the Xinjiang Flying Tigers 98-88 on Sunday in Urumqi. [PhotoXinhua] The Beijing Ducks raise the CBA Championship trophy after their victory. over the Xinjiang Flying Tigers 98-88 on Sunday in Urumqi. The Ducks won the CBA Finals by 4 games to 2, defending their first-ever title won in 2011-12. [PhotoXinhua] The Beijing Ducks’ Randolf Morris raises the CBA Championship trophy after his team beat the Xinjiang Flying Tigers 98-88 on Sunday night in Urumqi Paul Byron Youth Jersey , grabbing the CBA title by 4 games to 2. [PhotoXinhua]After upsetting hosts Xinjiang Guanghui 98-88, Beijing Ducks won their second Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) title in the past three years here on Sunday with 4-2 on aggregation in the best-of-seven finals. "I'm proud of coaching these guys, who showed guts throughout the whole season," said Min Lulei Jeff Petry Youth Jersey , Beijing's head coach. Randolph Morris, who finished with game-high 30 points and 11 boards, was crowned Most Valuable Player (MVP). Marbury and Sun Yue added 28 and 18 respectively. After trailing by just one point, the hosts still have a chance to tie the series into Game 7 Phillip Danault Youth Jersey , but was upset by Marbury's layups and Morris' jumpers in a row. "I know that if we go into Game 7, we have little chance of winning. So I put everything on the line for the last quarter. What I try to do is to make every shot count," said Morris. Xinjiang's Liu Shunan opened the offense with a layup, assisted by Su Wei. Marbury Karl Alzner Youth Jersey , who got only 14 points due to knee injury last game in Mastercard Center, grabbed the spotlight of this quarter with 16 points, helping his team build a 27-19 lead as the first period ran out. Due to dissatisfaction with team's defense, Min Lulei called a timeout early in the second period Jonathan Drouin Youth Jersey , which proved of much effect, as the visitors took a 14-2 run to extend the margin to 17 points. Xinjiang's mew signing Oksana, who replaced James Singleton as the latter suffered left hand injury, substituted with 10:08 to go in the second quarter. He helped Xinjiang cut the deficit with five straight points. Xinjiang had 11 points in a row to open the second half Carey Price Youth Jersey , while the opponents didn't make a shot until midway through this period, thanks to Wang Xiaohui's 1 of 2 free throws. Oksana's three-point play once got the upper hand of 65-63 to Beijing, but the hosts failed to drag the series into the decisive match at last. Oksana led Xinjiang players with 18 points. Lester Hudson had 17. "Our players showed professional spirit during this series, which moved me a lot. We make progress little by little Shea Weber Youth Jersey , and I believe that we can realize the champion dream in the near future," said Xinjiang's head coach Cui Wanjun.Kegel exercises are a group of exercises intended at imparting more strength to the muscles of the pelvic floor. In men, these muscles regulate the performance of the penis in sexual intercourses and therefore strengthening them leads to harder erections that last longer. A male can do several things as a means to attain natural male enhancement, which includes eating a balanced diet Max Pacioretty Womens Jersey , refraining from smoking and alcohol consumption and performing exercises on a regular basis. Not many men would consider doing Kegel exercises as a natural way of alleviating male impotency. The common belief is that these exercises are exclusively for women as it helps elderly women and women who are fresh from pregnancy to keep incontinence in check. Contrary to this belief, there are several Kegel exercises that contribute significantly in relieving erectile dysfunction and enhancing sexual pleasure. Kegel exercises require you to contract and loosen the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles, which reside on the pelvic floor. If you are wondering how you can do this exercise without having any idea about the location of these muscles, there is a very easy way to spot these muscles. Stop urinating midway and you will sense the tightening of these muscles in the lower part of the abdomen. Now Andrew Shaw Womens Jersey , you are all set to try some Kegel exercises.Exercise 1Step 1. Contract and loosen the pubococcygeus muscles briskly for ten seconds. Follow this by ten seconds of rest. Do this step thrice and follow this by thirty seconds of rest.Step 2. Limit the contracting and loosening of the PC muscles to five seconds this time. Follow this by five seconds of rest. Do this step ten times.Step 3. Tightening and loosening of PC muscles should be extended to 30 seconds. Do this step thrice.Step 4. Do step one again.Exercise 2Step 1. Loosen the PC muscles after retaining them in the contracted state for five seconds. Do this step ten times.Step 2. Brisk contraction and loosening for a count of ten. Do this thrice.Step 3. Tighten and loosen these muscles for a duration of ten seconds and follow this by doing the same process in different intervals. Do this thrice.Step 4. Try your best to retain these muscles in the contracted state for two minutes.Exercise 3Step 1. Tighten and loosen these muscles thirty times. Do this step for a minimum of four times.Step 2. Retain pubococcygeus muscles in the tightened state for 25 seconds. Follow this by thirty seconds of rest. Do this for a set of five.Unlike other exercises, time, place and clothing are irrelevant for doing Kegel exercises. It is only how frequently you do them in a day and how regularly you do them that matter. These exercises provide you an inexpensive and safe way to achieve natural male enhanceme. Nick Foles Jersey Leonard Fournette Jersey Kirk Cousins Jersey Authentic Josh Rosen Jersey Josh Allen Womens Jersey J.J. Watt Kids Jersey James Conner Kids Jersey Derek Carr Kids Jersey Dak Prescott Kids Jersey Christian McCaffrey Panthers Jersey  

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