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12/06/2018 3:39 am  #1

Research Paper Writing

Research Paper Writing

A piece of academic writing based on an author’s original research on a particular topic, its analysis and interpretation of research findings – is termed as a research paper. It is important for the author to understand the logical steps in writing a good research paper.

We understand the difficulties faced by you in writing a research paper. So here we are going to tell you about basic steps of Research Paper Writing

  • Select an appropriate topic

The research paper topic is selected by you and given to us. Choose the best topic which interests and challenges you. Avoid topics that are too technical, learned or specialized and have a narrow range of source materials.

  • Find relevant information

Our writers start your work by finding out general or background information using the search engines and other search tools in the beginning. We pay specific attention to domain names with extensions such as .edu (educational institution), .gov (government), or .org (non-profit organization). These sites are more reliable and provide accurate information. We also access many books through the online libraries such as OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog), magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, guides, reports and much more. Our writers continuously read and evaluate much about the given topic. We also give precise importance to referencing and bibliography as and when the work is in progress. This is because we understand that an article without appropriate referencing is useless.
Here now you’ve got some ideas of Research Paper Writing. Now follow next step to make it perfect;

  • Make the thesis statement

A thesis statement is the main idea behind writing a research paper. All the arguments presented in the paper are based on the central idea. The thesis statement could also be termed as a declaration of your belief about the topic. A thesis statement should be able to interpret the subject of research, tell the readers what to expect from the research paper and answer the research questions.

  • Make a research paper outline

The research paper should include the Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Manuscript Body, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, References, Tables & Figures as well as Appendix (Optional).

  • Organize notes

Following the research paper outline, our writers organize all the information and systematically organize it. The data is then checked for accuracy to verify that the information id factual and correct. Through this section, the writer makes sure to effectively communicate thoughts and ideas and write the research findings in the form of a report.

  • Write the first draft

Once the notes are organized, the first draft of the research paper is prepared

  • Revise the draft via checklist

The draft is then revised by a checklist to check if:
the thesis statement is concise and clear
arguments presented in a logical sequence
sources are appropriately cited
to make intentions and points clear in the research paper
Grammatical errors and punctuation’s
Avoidance of unnecessary repetitions
Arguments supported with good examples
If there a sense of completion for the reader

  • Type the final paper

Once the draft is checked well, it is typed well to make sure that the research paper meets the requirements as per the guidelines given by the institute or the university. It will be made sure that our writers attempt to write a clean, concise and attractive research paper.

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Re: Research Paper Writing

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Re: Research Paper Writing

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