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10/28/2018 6:56 am  #1

Best Happy Diwali Status for WhatsApp Status

Enjoy these Diwali with the beautiful sound of burning cracker or in the light of candles and Deepak. We wish you Happy Diwali 2018 and be a cool and happy life. For more happy diwali status to  see below

बचपन में दिवाली पर राकेट छोड़ते एक अदभुत ज्ञान मिला था
आसमान छूने के लिए बोतल बहुत जरूरी है
मुझे महसूस हुआ है ऐसा लगा है कि तुमने छुआ है ना
मैं तो तेरी सुबह की सुबह हूं ना हाथों की लकीरों में लिखा हु ना
हाथों की लकीरों में तकदीर का सब चक्कर बकवास है
हम साथ जिएंगे और साथ मरेंगे ( We Will Live Together And Die Together )
I Pray To God To Offer You Heaps Of Happiness, Shakti, Shanti, Sampati, Swarup Etc. Happy Diwali My Expensive.
Happy Diwali Baby, You Are My Life. You Are My Everything.  Happy Diwali Dear.

Lightweight A Lamp Of A Beautiful Moment
Blast A Sequence Of Sorrow
Shoot A Rocket Of Prosperity
Happy Diwali Expensive

Sorrows Can Burst By Daft
Tension Can Unharness By Music
Enjoy Diversion At Fullest
Have AN Amazing Diwali.
Have A Beautiful Diwali
On This Diwali, Beauty Can Embark With Bright Diyas.
Tension Can Burst By Daft
Happy Diwali My Sweet Girlfriend.
On This Special Day, I Am Wishing You A Special Wish Of Happy Diwali.
S- Superb
W- Wealthy
E- Elegant
E- Extraordinary
T- Trust Worthy.
I Need To Be The Diya Of Your Life. I Will Be Able To Burn Myself To Relax Your World. Want You A Cheerful Diwali.
On This Diwali, I'm Causing Your Cash
C - Comforts
A - Achievements
S - Smiles
H - Harmony

Fireplace A Flower Pot Of Happiness
Wish You And Your Family
Happy Diwali.
On This Holy Occasion, You May Get Unlimited Joys And Unnumberable Pleasures For You And Your Family. Want You A Sweet Diwali.
Happy Diwali My Sweetheart
Happy Diwali My Love
Happy Diwali My Everything
Wish You A Sweet Diwali
The Day Of Diwali Could Be A Carnival Of Excellent Over Evil. It's Each Day Of Celebrating Courage. Happy Diwali
A Friend Such As You Could Be A Lightened Diya On A Diwali Wicked The Shadows And Spreading Luster And Glow All Around
Diwali Could Be A Pageant Of Happiness And Completely Share It With You Beautiful Person. Happy Diwali Messages For Her

You're My Sweetheart. On This Special Occasion, I Want To Celebrate This Diwali With You. You Are A Special Person Of My Life. Love You. "Diwali 2018 Status"
On This Special Occasion, I Want Happy Diwali To A Special Person. Could Happiness And Happiness Fill Your Life? Want You A Really Happy And Prosperous Diwali.

11/09/2018 3:21 am  #2

Re: Best Happy Diwali Status for WhatsApp Status

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