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10/12/2018 5:43 am  #1

Apple Watch Series 3 Latest Features And reviews

Apple watch series 3 has very interesting features. Its specifications are much better than the apple watch series 2. Here we discuss some cool features due to which it becomes the best selling product on online. When someone calls you its immediate vibrate and display the name and number on the screen. You can also do it on ringtone. For this, you have the knowledge of setting features in your watch where you can set as ringtone or vibration according to your need.
It also has loudspeaker if you are not able to hear.
But it also has the disadvantage that it has no camera and no 3.5mm jack. So these are some features about this apple watch series 3 and if you want to know about complete features and prices then click on the given link and read it in details.


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