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7/27/2018 12:47 pm  #1

Hints To Create Easy Animation

For many people making the ideal video can seem like a testing and difficult job, especially when it comes to business animation video. Even with the approach of an in-house group or team, helped by a professional or even by trying to do it yourself approach; in any case, creating an animation video can be overwhelming.
Therefore, for your comfort, these hints have been assembled for you to bounce over the obstacles and create an easy animation like a genius!

First, Focus On Reference and Research

We see so many creatures and lifeless things around us and we see movement everywhere. Our brains are finely tuned about seeing and observing things into what looks regular and natural. Like auto cars, they are things and objects we see and observe in our regular routine existences.

To create easy animation it is necessary for you to know the basics and to have the knowledge about what your animation video is going to be. The animation is normally portrayed as the way to make or animate things or characters, that they look alive.

So given that concept, you need to take reference and investigate the motion that will occur in your video. You need to make sure that something that you are using (Object or character) lined-up in the way it moves, it might tend to look extremely odd if not aligned well.

Second, Figure out How to Draw

Arranging and organizing your work is critical, you have to be prepared for any given tight timetables and due dates that can come up later.

It’s hard to believe but if you learn and figure out how to draw it can enable you to save your time and it will also enhance the nature and flow of your animation movement significantly. So, if you want to create easy animation you have to practice the productive ways, through that you can plot out some major movement poses into your animation video.

Learning how to draw can even bring your character to life!

Then, The Timing and spacing into your Video

Focusing on time and space are the essential factors in adding life to your animation video. Its necessary to know and adjust the smart and fast movement, or moderate and smooth movement in your video. The whole video depends approximately utilizing timing and separating of the character or so.

To create easy animation and defined the movement in your animation, you need to work closely with the character together making speedier developments and further separated if you want it to be slower in the video.
 Timing and spacing can add a great deal, that is contingent upon the style of your animation video.

In conclusion:

What you need to Emphasis on is “Keeping it Simple”

This is the concept we all are familiar with and at the same time battle with. Keeping your content simple is best for the audience because it makes easy for them to understand and at the same time beneficial for you. However, our minds are complex, our brain can function so many ideas at one moment. In addition, just because of the variety of ideas we want to use, we lose the track of the main work at hand.

So, instead of thinking about something irrelevant and ending up making a video that doesn’t define a story. Write down your main idea and keep a record of your animation process. That way you can add on different elements but your main story or aim of the video will remain accurate and same. 

8/15/2018 6:09 am  #2

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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10/24/2018 5:54 am  #3

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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10/27/2018 5:18 am  #4

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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11/12/2018 5:56 am  #5

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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11/29/2018 6:24 am  #6

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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12/01/2018 5:57 am  #7

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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12/03/2018 1:34 am  #8

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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12/04/2018 1:30 am  #9

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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12/08/2018 1:07 am  #10

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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12/12/2018 3:02 am  #11

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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1/30/2019 3:54 am  #12

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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2/19/2019 12:47 am  #14

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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2/23/2019 11:47 pm  #15

Re: Hints To Create Easy Animation

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