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10/18/2016 2:40 pm  #1

Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

For anyone who's aware of how stripped-down Rocking M likes to operate, this is not-so-good news for Salina listeners.
At the least, it's concerning.
To recap, if you don't know:
-Alpha sold off most of what was SMG.
   -Rocking M acquired: KSAL AM/FM, KYEZ, KABI
   -Manhattan Broadcasting got KBLS (b/c of FCC limits)
   -Alpha kept KSAJ, with the intent of moving signal near Topeka.

The end result is that the former SMG gets weaker, even adding in KZUH/KVOB/KDJM, because none of those RMM stations are C1, or have a coverage radius worth a dime east of Salina; KYEZ is the only C1 Rocking M will have there, but it faces stiff competition from 99.9 and the country stations in JC/MHK, and does not have the advantages of JC/MHK listeners that 102.5/98.5 do.
And Manhattan Broadcasting benefits because they now get a torch at 102.5. 
And Alpha keeps perhaps the most valuable stick at 98.5, and will move it to just outside Topeka to cluster with WIBW.

I see the Millers cutting staff, even more than what's been done there at SMG the last several years, leaving the old EBC/SMG a husk of what it once was. Technology will probably take a hit too, as word circulated that RMM was never keen on investing $ to modernize their own properties.
Too bad. Vanier/Hinrikus/Morris might've been cheap at times, but at least they understood success at the station is by serving the community with a fully functioning outfit, and not a shell of one.
We will know soon to what extent RMM leveraged themselves with this acquisition by the total ongoing employment figures at this reconfigured SMG.

10/31/2016 9:03 pm  #2

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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2/07/2017 11:54 pm  #3

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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2/18/2017 5:03 pm  #4

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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6/08/2018 3:24 am  #6

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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6/26/2018 8:52 am  #7

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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7/04/2018 6:03 am  #8

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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7/05/2018 4:16 am  #9

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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7/06/2018 3:41 am  #10

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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9/15/2018 8:17 am  #11

Re: Rocking M buys Alpha (formerly Morris) Salina - Salina Media Group.

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