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7/23/2015 2:50 pm  #1

Fargo gets Duked

Rock 102 is gone as Midwest brings Duke to 104.7, and Mix moves to 101.9

7/24/2015 2:46 pm  #2

Re: Fargo gets Duked

Kudos to Midwest for the unique new name for 101.9.

1/19/2017 5:31 am  #3

Re: Fargo gets Duked

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1/21/2017 12:44 am  #4

Re: Fargo gets Duked

2/18/2017 2:31 pm  #8

Re: Fargo gets Duked

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2/18/2017 2:45 pm  #9

Re: Fargo gets Duked

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2/18/2017 4:43 pm  #10

Re: Fargo gets Duked

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2/18/2017 4:55 pm  #11

Re: Fargo gets Duked

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Re: Fargo gets Duked

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