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They are called

Joint stock company is one among the different forms of business organizations in any country.
Each company requires capital towards effective operation of the company.
Methods of raising capital: A company raises the required funds in two ways:

a) By issue of equity funds and
b) By issue of debt funds
Equity funds refer to the issue of equity share capital and preference share capital Steve Largent Limited Jersey , whereas the issue of debt funds refers to issue of debentures or bonds. Share capital refers to the interest evinced by the individuals in the company and the issue of debenture or bond refers to the borrowed funds by the company from the public.

Issue of shares is done through the following stages:
a) Authorized capital: Authorized capital refers to the maximum amount which can be raised by a company by inviting the public to invest in the company through equity or preference shares. The details about the issue of shares are available in the memorandum of association pertaining to the company. For example the authorized capital for a company can be $100 million;
b) Issued capital: Issued capital refers to that part of the authorized capital which is issued to the public for subscription by dividing into shares and this may be say $50 million;
c) Subscribed capital: Subscribed capital refers to that part of the issued capital which is actually subscribed by the public and this may be $30 million;
d) Paid up capital: Paid up capital refers to that part of the subscribed capital which the public directly pay to the company as a part payment of the value of their shares. This may be; say, $25 million. The remaining amount of $5 million pertaining to the subscribed capital is paid after certain period of time as decided by the company.

Types of shares: The equity funds pertaining to any company can be divided into the following:
a) Equity shares or ordinary shares;
b) Preference shares and
c) Deferred shares

Equity shares: Equity shares form the main basis of the finance of any company and the holders of such shares get dividend only after the preference shareholders are paid out of its profits. Hence they bear maximum risk. This is because they do not get any dividend if the company does not make any profit. At times, when profits are found to be very high, they get much more than the rate of dividend paid to the preference shareholders.

The ordinary shareholders have the right to vote to elect the board of directors of the company and they have also the right to vote on policy decisions of the company and hence they control the affairs of their company.

Preference shares: Preference shareholders enjoy a preferential right over the equity shareholders when it comes to sharing the profit of the company in the form of dividend. The preference shareholders are entitled to a fixed rate of dividend after payment of interest on debentures; however, before any dividend is paid to equity shareholders;

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Re: They are called

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Re: They are called

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