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5/14/2018 9:03 pm  #1

They had not been together five

Scott started to get another cup and plate, but Mr. Graham had already gotten them for himself and took the seat . He had never seen a man who looked more like his ideal of a woodsman, or one whom he had liked better at first sight.  minutes and yet Scott felt as though he had known this big man for months.

“I had word from Washington that you would be down here,” Mr. Graham explained, “but I did not know just when you would come. I had a trip to make and thought I would get it in before you arrived. Found out at the postoffice that you had beaten me to it. What do you think of my hang-out here?”

“It’s a wonder!” Scott exclaimed enthusiastically. “I was just thinking before you came that I would not mind waiting here for you for a week or two.”

Mr. Graham was evidently pleased with his enthusiasm. “Don’t blame you, I feel pretty much that way myself. I ran on to it by chance one time and it took my fancy so that I decided to fix it up for my summer headquarters. I like it so well now that I stay here nearly all the time.

5/19/2018 5:44 am  #2

Re: They had not been together five

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5/21/2018 1:26 am  #3

Re: They had not been together five

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