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2/08/2018 2:12 am  #1


Worried about how to activate account in Roku player? Here we are providing you instant and complete support and guidance for Roku setup, Roku Activation, where to get Roku activation link code, troubleshooting issues, remote not working and any others. For all solution go to Roku Com Link Help & Support
When a user activates Roku player, some error and issues arrived such as:
1. Where to enter Roku activation link code
2. How to find Roku link code
3. Not finding Roku activation code
4. How to create account on
5. Finding 001 error code while activating Roku


Activate your account, if you don’t have an account with Roku, no problem! You just needed to follow some steps visit us, once you connected to our technician, and then you are able to create account

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