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1/30/2018 12:52 am  #1

How to Reduce Magento Checkout to a One Step Process?

As a Magento developer, I am frequently asked this question. How to make the Magento checkout process short & easy? Since checkout step is the last and most important step in the whole sale's journey, no one wants to loose their customers at this step. This step is often very long consisting of 4 to 6 pages and complicated. Long checkout processes irritate customers and usually result in incomplete sales. 

To make this very important step easy, an extension called Magento one step checkout is used. This extension simplifies the checkout process and reduces the steps involved. Magento one step checkout by FMEextensions is the best among all similar extensions as it is completely responsive and much faster. It supports AJAX based loading which instantly loads the page and fields and prevents page delays. It allows customers to complete their checkout process on one page. There are other useful features that this one page checkout Magento extension offers which are not present in other similar extensions. For example, it supports all major payment gateways, is 100% responsive and allows you to know about your customer source.

Explore full features of:  Magento One Step Checkout Responsive extension


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