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in the package

Dispersing agents are used in a variety of applications within the chemical manufacturing industry. Paint , adhesive coatings, mineral processing, and even paper making industries often outsource some of their work to chemical manufacturers well-versed in creating these dispersants. Also called plasticizers, they could either be active non-surface polymers or even surface active materials typically added to a suspension liquid agent.

Defining a Dispersant

A dispersant or plasticizer is basically an additive which can increase the fluidity of a material, preventing clumping or sediment settling. This kind of additive could be a gas but more often is likely an active non-surface polymer or even an active surface substance. The particle separation in a specific material is improved with this additive and can be used in a wide variety of chemical manufacturing instances.

Dispersing agents can be used in plastics, concrete, cement, gypsum wall board , clay materials, adhesives, paints, specialty coatings, paper products and even mineral processing. While some of the same dispersants can be used in a variety of these different applications, they can and do act a bit different in each case.

What are the potential advantages of using Aqueous pigment dispersions?

In physicochemical terms, Aqueous pigment dispersions can reduce interactions between pigment particles in a much more efficient than conventional dispersants. The most obvious is to reduce the viscosity of the formulation.

The ability to reduce interactions between pigment particles also confers certain benefits associated with the optimization of tinting pigments. We can subdivide the advantages of these dispersants in productivity gains (higher concentrations of pigment), color power (more efficient use of color) and coating quality.

Industries that Use Dispersant Technology

Many chemical manufacturing applications exist which may require the use of dispersants or plasticizers. Companies that manufacture adhesives and even latex products , particularly paints require dispersants. Painting and special coatings for a variety of products including automotive parts are additional industries. Concrete and cement production uses dispersant technology as well as chemical manufacturing applications that deal with pigments. Making paper, mining and processing minerals and even detergents use it too.

Whether you manufacture gypsum wall board, concrete or paint materials, having a company that can service all your dispersant needs is important, especially if you handle more than one type of product. Instead of working with multiple manufacturers, you should have one versatile company that can handle your need for unique dispersing agents.

You want to be able to get your dispersing agents from one source rather than multiple ones to save time and money.
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