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12/11/2017 5:32 am  #1

Magento Ajax Add to Cart Extension by FME

FME is a premier Magento development firm and has developed 100+ high quality Magento extensions. Their extension are highly trusted and are used in heavy Magento stores. 

Magento Ajax add to cart extension is one such useful Magento extension which allows customers to enjoy an uninterrupted shopping. It allows customers to add products to cart without reloading the page to get the cart updated. Customers can continue adding products to cart from category page. You can customize the different features of the extension. For example, you can customize Ajax loading image and text, and show related products in the pop up. You can also enable 'continue shopping' option to encourage customers to go for more products. 

See all the features here:

For all Magento extensions by FME:


3/12/2018 3:34 am  #2


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