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11/16/2017 8:51 am  #1

Risks to Guns Caused by Drywall

Drywall has been found recently with many nasty chemicals.  Formaldehyde is used as a plasticizer in the production of gypsum slurry.  Unfortunately, some gypsum drywall still has high levels of this chemical after manufacturing is completed.  Formaldehyde is corrosive to steel, copper, nickel, and zinc.  I’ve seen anecdotal reports of formaldehyde corrosion caused by drywall in cheap gun safes.Since many biometric gun safe are now made in China, there’s another concern due to chemicals found in some Chinese manufactured drywall.  The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) and other agencies have found high levels of pyrite (FeS2) in some Chinese drywall.

12/16/2017 2:55 pm  #2

Re: Risks to Guns Caused by Drywall

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