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11/20/2017 8:42 pm  #2

Re: NumberSupport

"Simplicity" is probably the first goal that Color Switch is aiming for with the reminder engine pretty much to Swing Copters. There, players only have to press on the screen to help small dots can move up and down. All only that, do not move left or right, not swinging eight yawed the four directions on the screen ... just interested gamers a unique vertical. But Color Switch is just like the name, taking color as the main weapon to knock down the player. This factor is expressed through continuous spinning circles, with borders arranged in many colors. Your job? That is how to control the other dots right where the color of the circle, then eat point.It sounds simple but "dead" at the point, each circle you will have to pass twice, once inside and once out. And yet, the layout of these circles will change as we move deeper into the Color Switch (assuming we are so good), such as two circles in a circle round within the triangle, circle within the square ... Even through each "death's door" of the dot would change color completely, making us more crazy colors to exactly match ahead.As such, Color Switch crazy change before the eyes of players .. continuously, continuously, constantly filled with challenges forever. And every time a failure, the percentage change of the player's phone again phen team up the rank. The decision to play or not to play Color Switch depends entirely on you. But if you decide to head straight into this wall, be prepared for the most depressing and addictive game - a phenomenon we've seen on mobile for a long time.
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12/27/2017 1:21 am  #3

Re: NumberSupport
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Re: NumberSupport

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Re: NumberSupport

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Re: NumberSupport

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