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10/05/2017 6:55 am  #1

Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

 So the other day I had a long meeting with a client on a video call. We spent hours outlining his exact requirement along with the social channels he wants my web design agency to create for his brand. At the end of the video call, he added a bit about mobile website design.

A lot of time a great mobile design for websites is a derived thought. A reason that clients must start curtailing while asking for designs is that websites should look stellar on all mobile devices and tablets and should not lose aesthetics or functionality while viewed on varied screen sizes.

Website viewing on the contrary is a fact that resonates with desktop pcs and as soon as we talk of websites designs, we picture them on a desktop screen first. According to research, nearly 7 billion people in the world have mobile subscription, and with more than 60% of page views, now coming from mobile devices, the need of the time is to get your website designs optimized for mobile usage.It is true when we say that a mobile version of any website can either make or break the business’ personality in front of the target audience.  But building a sleek mobile website design gets really tiring when you do not employ the right people to do the job. Yes, you guessed that right. Although oozing with website development services, the internet still lacks a quality web design company that can really help clients in getting the best fit. This is why I thought of bringing these 8 rules of building spectacular website designs:

Live it up with large buttons

Ever wandered onto a website design that starts degrading you by challenging you on a click to fit game.  I am talking about those web designs that feature tiny buttons that really challenge the clicking ability of your fingers. No one should feel that their fingers are too big for a mobile screen and to not offend anyone by questioning the shape and size of their fingers, I hereby bring forward a more feasible solution. You can simply start by putting bigger buttons on your web designs. It’s the new trend too. Not only they ease operations but also attracts the user attention. The by-default kind of call to actions!


When a user visits a mobile web design, he doesn’t necessarily intend to browse through every nick and corner of the mobile web design. The best version of a mobile website design is one that distills content into its minimal form and presents the most appropriate information to the user, without much ado. For that matter I suggest to stick with a hamburger navigation menu that de-clutters the website design navigation and provides a clean and clear path to the user to follow and explore the interests he came for.

Use of white spaces

On a mobile web design, it gets easier to find things when white spaces are used, intelligently. Use of white spaces not only makes the web design looks open and clean but builds focus around the most required content.

Intuitive web design

Most smartphone users are accustomed to functions like swiping right to go to the next page and double-tapping to zoom in. Great mobile designs take advantage of these intuitive ways of interacting with a device.

 Create a logical flow

Whenever a user visits a website, there is a specific intent behind that. The best design that web design companies create are the ones that follows a logical path towards the desired action. For example, the website is a phone directory and the intent of visiting is to find a specific phone number, then the best design would be one that finds that number for the user in minimal steps. A professional web design auckland services knows the tricks and can help clients in achieving their goals through mobile web designs.


Mobile users are fast. That’s also the need of the time. Such users are always in a hurry to move to the other site that could provide them better information. Where this pose a threat to businesses, it also places a challenge in front of the web design companies to create mobile website designs that are not only attractive but functional, that could gauge the audience and prevent them from bouncing away. One way of doing this by integrating your mobile web design with the social channels. By integrating social channel icons on your mobile web design you curb away the possibility of users bouncing away from your website to this social app.

 Rapid response

Last but not the least is the rapidness of your website that counts a lot here. According to latest figures, a website only have 7-10 seconds to load fully, 11th second means that the visitor has bounced away. This eventually translates into the quickness in loading of your mobile website. Sites that lag behind in quick loading, often lags behind in business generation too, as not many visitors stay on them until fully loaded, hence they always remain incapable in transitioning the required information from their end to the customer.

 So, I hope you will find these 7 rules helpful. Keep them handy as you embark on a web design journey next in your business career.  


10/10/2017 7:46 am  #2

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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10/27/2017 2:18 am  #3

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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3/06/2018 5:15 am  #4

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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3/07/2018 4:17 am  #5

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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3/13/2018 4:19 am  #6

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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4/18/2018 11:33 am  #7

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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5/10/2018 9:15 am  #8

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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9/06/2018 3:53 am  #10

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites


10/05/2018 2:50 am  #11

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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10/26/2018 2:01 am  #12

Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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Re: Follow These 7 Rules to Build Spectacular Mobile Websites

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