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9/26/2017 2:23 am  #1

Router RT-AC68U

Merely wondering if there's been any development in respect to the release date of Asus' new AC router RT-AC68U

It was announced on the 3 rd of June, 2013, so it's been a month and a half and We have heard nothing new.

Now i'm trying to upgrade my RT-N16 with a newer Asus router, although the RT-AC66U is available now and from all accounts, wonderful, I'd much prefer to hold out until the dual-core AC68U comes out, IF that is gonna be over the following few weeks.

I've called Asus (Johnny Tightlips about it) and tried to post on the woeful Asus VIP forums but amaze, my post never shows up.

Is there any others who could here give a sports event or bonafide time regarding its retail store release? I suppose someone in a retail store channel or with a link to Asus may have a clue, best internet speed test.

12/29/2017 5:09 am  #2

Re: Router RT-AC68U

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Today 12:44 am  #3

Re: Router RT-AC68U

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