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7/07/2017 4:07 am  #1

A free advice for startups regarding logo design ideas

Hello friends, today I am discussing an important issue which disturbs all startup owners. Especially those with a limited budget. It’s none other than designing a company logo. Establishing a setup itself is hard enough. Company owners start feeling extra stress on their mind when they start thinking to design their business mark.
We all know startup identity is critical for every business. A well-made custom logo design plays a leading role in developing a visual personality of the brand. Businesses who belong to highly competitive markets need to pay extra attention to create an expressive logo. Coming up with a logo, which has the capability to define business brand image is a time-consuming process. It takes a lot of efforts and critical thinking to incorporate relevant symbolism, typography, and colors in the design to develop a consistent brand image.
Here I am sharing few key points I have concluded after discussing this matter with my friend working in a leading design agency.
Before you hire a designer, you should ask yourself a few questions like:

  • What audience do you want to attract?
  • What has existing brands in your niche drawn so far?
  • How did they relate their design with culture?

Don’t expect designers to answer these questions. This sounds reasonable. Unless you don’t deliver a design brief, they will not get what you want.
Also, discover aesthetics for your brand. Use mood boards to recognize the feel for your brand. Depending on the nature of products or services, the audience may expect to feel funny, serious, calmness or colorful. Next step is to brainstorm these aesthetics and audience expectations to decide typography, colors, and image for your company logo. Remember logo is a strong reflection of the brand. It has to be created efficiently to deliver a clear recognition to your brand.
Do you want to add more tips in the list to help startup owners in designing company logo? 

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