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6/06/2017 4:34 am  #1

Dublin | Best City to Come for Study Abroad

  Dublin is a fabulous place to be a student. Not only is it a lively, thriving city, there are also a lot of students there. Not only of high school age, either, as both Trinity College and UC Dublin are right in town, among other schools. It's well known for its student culture. In no way is it only for vacations.

I did experience some culture shock when I moved there. What makes it hard is that it seems somewhat similar to the States (at least to Boston, where I grew up), so when you run up against one of the many differences, it can throw you. But I worked through all that, and I had a blast trying out different things that were uniquely Irish. I made a lot of Irish friends.

If you're interested, definately try to go. It's well worth your time.

To learn more, contact Essay Writers, go to the bookstore, find a chair, and read through the Let's Go Guide to Dublin, as well as the Lonely Planet guide. Both give insight into the culture, the history, and the differences between Dublin and the US.

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