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Canada » Defections to CTV » 7/31/2015 9:39 pm

among the last, yeah.... they seem to have been hemmorhaging them since the mid-1990s...

​Edit:Bell Media (owners of the CTV network) also own CFTK-TV Terrace/Kitimat/Prince Rupert and CJDC-TV Dawson's Creek in BC.  There's also CKSA-DT (owned by Newcap Broadcasting) in Lloydminster, Sasaktchewan...

Canada » Defections to CTV » 7/25/2015 1:48 pm

So far, it appears that Corus' three private CBC affiliates will be switching to CTV starting on August 31, 2015.  They are:

CHEX-DT Peterborough (also served by CFTO-DT-51 Peterborough)
CHEX-TV-2 Oshawa (also served by CFTO-DT Toronto)
CKWS-DT Kinston (also served by CJOH-TV-6 Desoronto)

At this point, Oshawa viewers will retain CBC over-the-air, as the city is close enough to be served by CBLT-DT from the CN Tower in downtown Toronto. Anyone in those cities that want to retain CBC prorgamming (from CBLT-DT Toronto or CBOT-DT Ottawa) will need a cable- or satellite-television subscription

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