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    3/12/2019 4:38 am

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    What is the best mantra? - The most common use of a mantra is to still the mind for meditation and some practitioners find this more helpful than simply focusing on the breath. Does the Gayatri mantra have powers? - The mantra may be chanted as many times as the student wishes. Some practitioners use mala beads to help them count and chant their mantra 108 times.

    What is meant by navgrah? - Navgrah are the nine planets that rule the horoscope of every person. The Navgrahas are highly powerful and influential forces of the universe that coordinate the life of people on the earth. What is navgrah yantra - Depending on the position of the planets and their interactions with other planets in the horoscope, individuals face beneficial or malefic results in their lives. What is navgrah chalisa
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    2/28/2019 5:28 am

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    Shiv Ji ki Aarti - “Om Jai Shiv Omkara” is known Shiv aarti. Lord Shiva is 'shakti' or power, Shiva is that the destroyer, the foremost powerful god of the Hindu pantheon and one amongst the godheads within the Hindu Trinity. Lord Shiva Aarti in English- well-known by several names - Mahadeva, Mahayogi, Pashupati, Nataraja, Bhairava, Vishwanath, Bhava, Bhole Nath - Lord Shiva Aarti - Lord Shiva is maybe the foremost advanced of Hindu deities. One United Nations agency recites this Om jai shiv omkara aarti in hindi to the Lord gets obviate all issues and attains fulfillment of his heart’s want. Shiv bhajan

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