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    2/11/2019 3:11 am

    The issue of composing and sending emails in AOL Desktop Gold should not be a reason to worry, as it can be corrected by employing some troubleshooting procedures. You can try the steps mentioned here and see if they work or not. If due to any possibility, none of them work, you must uninstall the software and aol gold install again by fulfilling the system requirements.

    1) Close all the running programs
    2) Disable the firewall settings
    3) Disable any other software program that might be causing a hindrance or blockage
    4) Add the composed emails to favorites 
    5) Ensure that the device is getting a proper net connection
    6) Try working on a different web browser
    7) Disable any anti-virus software for a temporary basis
    8) Clear all the cookies, caches and history. 

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