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    2/12/2019 4:03 am

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    1/24/2019 2:40 am

    Due to some corrupt or damaged files, or issues of with battery check feature, there can be a possibility that sometimes McAfee fails to work on the Mac Operating system and if this happens, then it becomes more important to resolve the snag in a limited time. To resolve the issue, you can take the help of the following procedure:

    • Open the McAfee icon on the taskbar and then choose the ‘McAfee Live sale-Internet Security Preferences’.
    • Once opened, select the padlock, enter the password and enter Okay
    • Go to Application protection>Rules Tab>Disable Apple signed binaries
    • Enter to save the changes.

    And if there is any difficulty in the given process, then you must immediately contact the McAfee customer support to take the expert guidance from the technical assistance.

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