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    2/11/2019 11:34 pm

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    9/28/2018 3:15 am

    A Fire Protection Engineer (PE) is required to review, approve and certify the complete Fire protection & detection Detail Design package of the Design Contractor for Industrial Projects in Saudi Arabia. Review the fire protection & detection system is mainly required, which designed as per NFPA and for Saudi Aramco SAES.
    The Fire System Design review can be at different stages of detail design and the review letter should include as a minimum; whether the submitted design meets the applicable SAES and NFPA standards or not.
    If there are design deficiencies or deviations regarding non-compliance of applicable standards, then this will be clearly stated by the certifying engineer in the letter with referenced clauses from the Standards. The comments and any recommendations during the design review stage will be discussed and clarified (if required) in a meeting before incorporating them.
    After resolving and incorporation all comments, the package will be submitted as 100% package for approval.
    AMConsult being a multidisciplinary consultant company mainly working in the field of Fire Safety Engineering, Process Safety, Risk Management, Safety System, Fire Consultant and Environmental Protection Studies. Our team of consultants with strong technical and industrial background assists industry in improving Safety, Efficiency and Reliability in existing and new projects.
    We pride ourselves in providing quality services to both brownfield and greenfield projects during conceptual and front end engineering design stages. AMConsult takes care of full range of HSE studies including but not limited to; HAZID, PHA, HAZOP, SIL, Project Safety Management, Building Risk Assessment, Fire Risk Assessment, QRA and ALARP, SIMOPS, Fire Protection Certification, Fire Engineering, Fire Audit and Training etc. We also provide various kind of services like;
    Safety consultant Dammam
    Fire engineering
    استشارات السلامة
    Safety system
    Fire Engineering consultant Dammam
    هندسة السلامة
    Safety engineering
    Fire safety 
    Fire system design
    هندسة الوقاية من الحريق

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