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    8/29/2018 4:02 am

    SITC is specialized in emergency response management and Fire Safety Professional training Dammam. It provides various kinds of training programs for Emergency Response Leaders and Fire Safety Professional in both in the public and private sectors, who have the interest in widening their knowledge and developing their skills in the field of Emergency Management, leadership and Fire Training for safety. We offer  well designed  courses which are tailored to our client’s needs using legitimate training programs that  is  in compliance with recognized International industry standards. We provide various types of training programs for both commercials and industrial facilities in both Arabic and English languages by certified local and international Instructors.
    Fire training
    Fire Safety Professional training Dammam
    Professions training
    Emergency Management
    تدريب السلامة
    تدريب الحريق
    Occupational safety
    Occupation health
    السلامة المهنية
    NFPA compliance courses
    Safety Training Dammam
    Fire engineering
    Defensive driving
    الدفاع المدني

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