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The rule would simply state that when you go on TV and whine, cry and pour your heart out and give thanks to everyone this side of the Dalai Lama that you are done for one year. Once you announce your retirement publicly, or to team officials, you have 14 days to submit your retirement papers to the NFL Commissioners Office. If you submit the proper paperwork then you can be reinstated in 365 days if you pass your physical and the Commissioner approves. If you do not submit the paper work then you waive your right to reinstatement forever. This would work in most cases, because most guys like Favre just don know what to do with their time when it is time to report to camp. It is what they have done their whole lives. Start playing football in August. Once you sit out a year you have had plenty of time to think things over and assess the situation. If you don want to retire or can make up your mind, then you can be put on the physically unable to perform list until you do. 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